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Thursday, 8 August 2013


I remember when Nanoblur first hit the shelves, I was intrigued! However I resisted the temptation of purchasing for quite sometime... well up until now! I finally caved in and parted with £19.99 (from Boots) and decided to give it a whirl. This little tube of product claims to give 'correction of the appearance of skin ageing, including the look of lines, wrinkles, crows feet, sagginess and enlarged pores'. Admittedly I don't have too many of those problems just yet, but anything that helps enlarged pores is surely to be my friend...? For some reason I just could not get on with this product. The promise of looking up to 10 years younger in 40 seconds is probably a bit ambitious. That aside I did not like the feeling of it on my skin.
The product does claim it 'is based on advanced optics technology and is not make up' and should be used as a last step in your regime, i.e. if you wear make up such as foundation then apply this over the top. I tried this out on a couple of different occasions and applied after my foundation step all around my eyes and nose area. The result I got was a tacky feeling on the skin that left the area feeling uncomfortable and a bit cakey. I do keep meaning to give this product a third try (on the hope it is third time lucky) and perhaps apply it to my skin directly on a no-make-up wearing day, but I cant bring myself to do it. As for the pores... they still seemed visible (through the cakey mess!).

It is possible that I am doing something very wrong here... i.e. using too much product or applying too soon after my foundation. I would be very interested to hear from anyone else that has bought and used this product and how they got on with it. If you love it and have a technique on how best to apply then do let me know, I would love to hear from you!

Love and hugs

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