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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Current Beauty Favourites

 1. Ambre Solaire Original Intense No Streaks Bronzer (Dry Face Mist) Light to Medium
I have recently fallen back in love with this product and it has worked its way into my easy day to day make up routine. It is so simple to use and gives such a great result. Once my face has been well moisturised and my daily primer has been applied - I work from left to right of my face (remembering to spray past the jawline and onto the neck), giving about 4-5 vertical sprays each time. I then repeat the step another 1-2 times, depending on how dark a colour I want to achieve. If you haven not used a product like this before, it can be daunting on the first try, but you cant really go wrong as you don't need to rub the product in after, just let it dry naturally. The result is a natural looking tan. I am not too keen on the scent of this, it is trying to produce a peach/fruity scent, but this still doesn't camouflage the fake tan scent to me. However, this has yet to put me off, as once dried (in about 1 minute) you can no longer smell the product. The golden tan has a great staying power, even after washing my face at night and again the next morning, I sometimes do not need to reapply and can go straight in with my foundation. A 75ml can of this costs £5.66 (Boots) or £5.47 (Superdrug).

2. L'Oreal True Match Foundation (N4 Beige)
I like to experiment with different foundations, and tend to mix different combinations from day to day or week to week. My current love of the moment is this foundation from L'Oreal in N4 Beige (which I admit is a little dark for my skin tone, but mixed in with a lighter foundation works really well). When used with the above Ambre Solaire face mist I tend to not need a lighter foundation mixed it with it and only need a tiny amount to cover my whole face and neck. The coverage is lovely. I would say it is a medium to full coverage, depending on how much product you use. The range includes many different shades so it was easy to find the one that worked for me. For the best results I like to use a Real Techniques Buffing Brush or my Beauty Blender Sponge. The L'Oreal True Match Foundation is £9.99 from Boots and Superdrug.

3. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
To set my daily make up in place I like to dust a fine amount of this powder on my forehead, nose and chin. The powder is very light and comfortable and doesn't get cakey on the skin. The trick is just to use on the areas where you don't like shine. Try not to use too much all over the face. A little of the product goes a long way. I have had this for almost a year now, and I have probably only used 1/4 of the pot. This is pricey, but definitely a good investment in my opinion. You can buy this at Space NK for £29.00.

4. Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cover Stick
I found this product on a complete whim about 6 months ago. I had run out of my favourite MAC Studio Fix Concealer and was desperate for something that would give a good coverage until I could go back to a MAC store and repurchase. Turns out that I loved this product so much I have still yet to return to the MAC store! This is now my second stick and I love it! As far as I know, one shade suits all. It does appear to look dark in the packaging, but once on the skin it blends right out. The best thing about this product is it claims to help clear up any blemishes whilst concealing them. I can honestly say it hides blemishes and redness well and hasn't made my skin breakout or made any existing blemishes any worse. I think I would be lost without this in my make up bag now! You can buy this for £9.50 at Boots.

5. Maybelline ColorSensational in Neon Red (916)
I am loving my bright lipsticks this summer and this is the perfect shade to wear when your are a little more bronzed and glowy. I always feel that little bit happier when I am wearing this shade (strange but true) and with a simple neutral eye make up it looks put together without being overly glamorous. I always wear lip balm underneath any lip colour I wear, but this doesn't dry out the lips and the colour stays put for hours! You can buy these at any Maybelline make up counter for around £7-£8. Superdrug currently have them for £7.19

6. NARS Foreplay Cheek Palette
Last but certainly not least is my cheek palette from NARS. I don't think a week has gone by when I haven't dipped into using this. It contains three blush colours (one being the famous coral shade orgasm). The other two shades are a matte coral (no shimmer) and a matte bright pink. There is also one gold highlighter colour which I don't like at all, as there is hardly any pay off whatsoever. However I love the other cheek blushers so much that it makes the palette worthy of buying. I already own the orgasm blusher as a solo blush, so I don't find myself using this quite so much from the palette version (but it is great that I have a back up!) Instead I gravitate to the matte coral and matte pink (the two smaller squares of colour on the left had side of the palette) every time. They look really bright but they blend lovely on the cheeks using a big fluffy blush brush. Again they are great for the summer months to give a bit of colour to the face without looking scary. This palette is still available from Space NK for £39.50.

L'Oreal True Match - N4 Beige
Maybelline ColorSensational in Neon Red
Eucerin Cover Stick (One Shade Suits All) 
NARS Foreplay Cheek Palette

Have you tried any of these products? Are any of them your beauty loves? Let me know what you think.

Love and hugs