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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze

I really wanted to try these products after watching the beauty guru Swalkermakeup (Sara Walker) talk about them in one of her YouTube videos. The products in question were the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Firming Body Lotion (Tan Optimiser) and L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Exfotonic Body Polishing Gel. I must say Sara did a great job selling them to me as I don't often find myself buying body products all too often, especially body lotion. However I wasn't left feeling disappointed.

As I have been using fake tan on my arms and legs quite a bit the past few months, I was a little tired of trying to get an even base before I reapplied my fake tan again. I was used to finding that a few areas had streaky patches of tan product still lingering to them and I wanted to scrub these away or at least fade them out a bit. I do like the 'exfotonic' (new word alert!) for helping with this purpose. The texture is gritty without being too harsh or abrasive on the skin. After showering you do feel very fresh and clean (almost like a minty fresh sensational) which is lovely to use in summer. I am pretty sure I have tried this product before, many years ago, but it used to come in a large tub. It also had a slightly different name too, but I am sure it is the same product as it was the same zingy scent that brought the memories flooding back. I am very much enjoying this in my shower routine and I would look to repurchase once I run out. I probably will stick to using this just in the summer months though as I become way more lazy in the winter!!!

The firming body lotion is a neither here nor there product with me. I guess I don't use lotion quite as regularly (due to laziness) and therefore have no way of knowing whether it helps with firming up your limbs, although I do love the concept of this though! I will continue to use this before I apply my fake tan to moisturise my body, especially my legs, but it doesn't scream out to be a must have purchase.  What I will say is that the lotion is light and takes a few minutes to rub in properly, so not the quickest absorbing lotion out there, but it is good that it comes in a large bottle with pump top as this helps with the application process.

These products can be found in the Sublime Bronze range at Superdrug here.

Love and hugs